Nunu’s Country Market is looking to upgrade its small shop in residential Maurice, giving the small village south of Lafayette its first full-service grocery store.

While the new store will be six times larger and hire 75 more staff, Blaine Broussard, president and co-owner of the Nunu’s Markets chain, said they want to keep its country store feel.

Broussard said the move from their old, smaller store at 309 E. Lafayette St. to land recently purchased off Highway 167 near the Highway 92 interchange north of G&H Tire is required to meet the needs of a growing community coupled with a desire to have a more-visible location.

“We’re trying to offer something better to the community than we had before. I know the community wants to stay small and a village and we respect that. The store we’re planning is going to have more of a country store, mom-and-pop kind of feel. We’re going to keep it personal, but also have the selection that comes with a bigger store. I think they’re going to like it,” Broussard said.

Their current location is only 5,000 square feet. Broussard said they are estimating over 30,000 square feet of space at the new store. He also said they will be keeping their current employees while also hiring at least 75 more staff. Broussard said they will also have two-to-three acres of shopping center rentals for office space, banks and restaurants on the property.

Right now they are in the architecture phase of the project and will soon be meeting with contractors so it’s too early to know when the store will open, he said.

Nunu’s Markets operates three other stores: in Youngsville, Scott and Milton.

Anne Falgout, executive director of the Vermilion Economic Development Alliance, this Maurice market will be the first real full-service grocery store in Maurice and it is needed as the village is set to see 200 new houses built in the next 12 months.

“I think it will be great for Maurice. They’ll be able to retain the sales tax there and also hopefully expand it as people will be able to do a full shopping experience, not just pick up one or two items. I think people are really excited,” Falgout said.

Originally published by the Acadiana Advocate