Considering we had a few snafus in planning the 2017 Vermilion Parish Job Fair, the event – held on April 19th – was pretty successful. Speaking with employers, we heard the same thing over and over again – Vermilion Parish jobseekers are ready to work. They’re prepared, professional and jam-packed with skills and experience. But that doesn’t mean that we managed to fill up every available position open in the parish – quite the contrary actually. Vermilion Parish businesses are still looking for “the right stuff” to round out their respective teams. Opportunity to work in the place you live and love can still be a reality for unemployed (and underemployed) people of this community. So, how do we connect?

We struggled with this question, too. It would be nearly impossible to replicate the organization and work that comes with planning a job fair more than once a year. And we learned after this second fair that sometimes, even with the best intentions, you can fall short. You see, we had a little miscommunication by the media and it was incorrectly reported that jobseekers were charged upon entry. The mistake has been rectified, and all parties have moved passed this error. But, we still need to assist those jobseekers that missed out on this matchmaking opportunity.

Last year, through the help of our workforce partners – the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Investment Board 40, Acadiana Works and the Louisiana Workforce Commission – we launched the Vermilion at Work program. After Vermilion’s first parish-wide job fair in March of 2016, local civic wanted to create a dedicated pathway to employers and job seekers. Using leftover funds earmarked for the execution of the fair, the Vermilion at Work initiative was launched in July of the same year.  Vermilion at Work is an over-arching brand for employment services of all kinds, assisting those seeking career opportunities and employers in Vermilion Parish.

Taking advantage of these services is easy, whether you represent a business or your own personal interests. Here is a list of some of the ways you can plug in:

  1. Workforce Connect – this section outlines the matchmaking opportunities available to both employers and jobseekers. Find information on our most recent fair – like who was hiring and who was involved – and details about upcoming events.
  2. Employer Tune-Ups – locate pertinent information about human resources practices and changes in law and legislation that could affect your business and ultimately your bottom line.
  3. Career Readiness – access tips and tricks to use during your job search and learn about resources available to jobseekers in a multitude of fields.
  4. Community Resources – plug into other community organizations and initiatives. Find links to online job boards throughout the region and state.
  5. Community Submissions – community programs/events/resources, resumes, and job openings can all be uploaded via our site to keep the workforce partners informed and your opportunities flowing.

For these and other opportunities visit or contact us at (337) 740-0433 to discuss your specific needs.