The Port of Delcambre has been awarded funding for development projects.

Wendell Verret, the port’s executive director says the port has been awarded $275,000 from the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) for land purchase, site development, architectural and engineering fees for the Acadiana Regional Seafood Hub. 

The hub will be located in Vermilion Parish and, Verret says, it will support small business development of the seafood industry and other food-related businesses.

Funding for DRA projects is provided by the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP), which provides direct investment into community-based and regional projects, a release states.

DRA coordinates directly with the Office of the Governor for the State of Louisiana and its local development districts for program funding implementation. 

The total project investment for the Acadiana Regional Seafood Hub is $1.3 million.

“There is so much excitement about our seafood hub project which is finally becoming a reality after having been talked about, studied, and planned for a while now. All the pieces are falling into place for the construction of this multi-use facility which will house a commercial kitchen, storage facility, shipping/packing facility, and retail space. In addition to seafood producers, produce and meat farmers and producers of value-added products will be able to utilize the Acadiana Regional Seafood Hub facility for product preparation and distribution,” said Verret.

Originally published by KATC; 2/25/22