The city of Abbeville and Vermilion Parish Police Jury entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement to overlay a problem area at the entrance of the Recreation Center at A.A. Comeaux Park.

Councilman Brady Broussard Jr., whose district includes the park, said the condition of the entrance had been a growing concern.

“The Mayor (Mark Piazza) and Council received concerns by citizens about the damage and broken asphalt parking area leading to the entrance of the Recreation Center,” Broussard said.

On April 23, Police Juror Wayne Touchet and the jury asphalt overlay crew and equip- ment put a new layer of asphalt where it was needed.

“Juror Touchet indicated he may do more work on that area in the coming weeks,” Broussard said.

The city and police jury split the cost of the asphalt which was estimated to be $7,000.

“When this project is finished,” Broussard said, “that will be an easier entrance for all and especially those who may need assistance.

“This was made possible by the city of Abbeville and police juror Wayne Touchet working together.”

Originally published in Abbeville Meridional, 4/29/21