There is a resurgence in companies re-opening their United States operations. Whether it’s the weakening of other economies, or availability of opportunity locally, decision makers are increasingly re-shoring – or bringing operations and jobs back to where they originally started. This is great for the nation, state of Louisiana, and ultimately us. Because of this new trend, it’s important for local communities to understand what they have to offer.

Vermilion Parish is the third-largest parish in the state, but it’s no surprise that we have a lot of acreage that is hard to market because of its proximity to the water. We have to be smart about what kind of projects we go after and which kind of companies fit our landscape. We also have to know who has property, where it is, and how easy it is to get to a “shovel ready” status or ready for building. With that information in hand we can effectively market Vermilion Parish properties and remain competitive in the hunt for new jobs.
According to the 10th Annual Survey of Site Selection Consultants that was published earlier this year, next to availability of skilled labor and access to business incentives, having pre-qualified developable property is a company’s chief concern. A whopping 93 percent of responses named “available land” as an important factor and 83 percent said “available properties” were also a necessary consideration when shopping for a new location.
But just having places for companies to grow, or relocate to, is not enough. Diving deeper into the research shows that 50 percent of companies engaged in the site selection process have already done preliminary research before contacting a professional. And 78 percent of companies say that pre-certified sites are somewhat or very important too.

So we have to:

1. Know that location is critically important – Who is looking?
2. Evaluate our potential for development – What are we suited for?
3. Gather property information – Where are the properties?
4. Make properties accessible to those looking – Are they organized and marketed?
5. Do the necessary work to get the property “shovel ready” – What steps are needed?

As important as it is for the economic development professionals to be involved, it’s equally important to have good partners like property owners on the team.

With that in mind, we have set up an easy way for property owners to let us know about their available land or building. Whether you are looking to sell or lease, we want to hear about it. Our online form features a series of questions we often get asked by companies searching for a place to call home. Just visit and follow the prompts.

Once we have an idea of what your property looks like, where it’s located and how to interact with you, we can begin due diligence on the site. We can help you find out what requirements there are for construction, if any, what the site is suited for, and even an idea of how it compares to other properties in the area. Together we can market the property for development, or simply keep it on our radar in case the perfect deal arises.

We always encourage businesses to work with a real estate professional if they are serious about locating development opportunities, but in the meantime, we’re happy to help. Visit our sites and buildings web page here: to check out how we can use our tools to paint the best picture of your building or land. And if the site is extra special – maybe it has a unique characteristic or special use, or is just large and well-suited for construction – we can team up with the state to offer even more services like environmental studies and more in-depth research and targeted marketing.

Keep your eyes peeled for those hidden gems around the parish, and feel free to give us a head’s up if you see one. Together we can develop Vermilion!