Charles Morrison finally got his wish, one that he had dreamed
about long before his death in 2008. When Morrison was a member of the
Kaplan City Council in 2008, he had always wanted the city to build a pavilion at Clement Park, but money was never available.

“We would use the park for Easter egg hunts or family gatherings,” said his
wife, Eva Dell Morrison, who is a member of the Kaplan City Council. “He always said it could be nice to have a pavilion at the park. While he was on the city council, he tried to get grants and funds.”

New Pavilion is complete

After his death, his wife, Eva Dell Morrison took over his chair on the city
council in 2008 and has been there ever since. One of her goals on the council was to continue trying to get a pavilion built at Clement Park. Each year she tried to get funds, and she struck out.

When Kaplan Mayor Mike Kloesel got elected, one of the first things, he
promised Eva was to try to find money to build that pavilion her husband had always wanted. In 2018, 10 years after Charles died, Eva could fulfill her husband’s dream.

The city allocated $150,000 of a $750,000 bond that was voted on by the Kaplan citizens in 2018. The $150,000 was used to construct the pavilion. It was built by all local companies. The city installed lights under the pavilion and outside the pavilion. In the near future, the city will install cameras around the pavilion.

Today, the pavilion is 100 percent completed, and the only things that are missing are tables and bar-be-que pits that will fit under the pavilion.
Mayor Kloesel said KaplanTel will provide free Wi-Fi at the pavilion.

During construction, the council voted to name the new pavilion, “The Charles Morrison Pavilion.” At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Eva requested the council change the name to “Charles Morrison Pavilion.” Eva
Dell wanted to drop the word “the” from the name.

Eva said if her husband could see the pavilion, he would love it.

“I bet he is turning in his grave right now because I know he is happy. It is something that he wanted,” said Eva.

“For years and years, Eva has fought for that pavilion because she knew it was something that was important to her husband,” said Mayor Kloesel. “That was one of the promises I made to her. I told her if we get the chance to build it, we will build it. God gave us the opportunity to build it.”

By Chris Rosa; Originally published in the Abbeville Meridional, April 23, 2020