New businesses could be coming to Downtown Abbeville.

A portion of Vermilion Parish was approved to be a qualified opportunity zone.

Abbeville Councilman Brady Broussard and a local business owner are both looking forward to seeing growth in the economic development of Downtown Abbeville.

Brady Broussard, Abbeville Councilman, District C, says, “Quite naturally we were happy to receive that designation and though we may have been somewhat surprised by the timing of receiving it we have nonetheless happy to get the designation and we expect to run with that.”

Kim Broussard, who’s worked in Downtown Abbeville for 30 years, says attracting more businesses to the area is the focus now.

Kim Broussard, Owner/Manager of RadioShack, says, “We need to bring businesses downtown a lot of businesses are closing around downtown big box stores and I think it’s important that we get back to the basics on giving people service.”

Broussard adds seeing more private investments in Downtown Abbeville would boost the local economy.

“We’d like to see more private companies, small individuals come in and set up shop. I mean.. that’s pretty much the way to go,” Kim Broussard says.

Councilman Broussard says this zoning designation will make Downtown Abbeville a place where future businesses can thrive.

“We expect this will only help that. This will only increase that. This will make it more attractive. This will make it more popular and this will make it a place that businesses can see a place they’d like to locate,” explains Councilman Broussard.

This new opportunity zone designation also brings with it the potential to create new local jobs.

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