by Shaun Hearen, News Editor

There are a few projects that are set to take place at Chris Crusta Memorial Airport during the next six years.

During its meeting last week, the Abbeville City Council received an outline of the cost of the projects, all of which will be done between 2020 and 2026. The 10 projects, which focus on rehab and other improvements, are part of the Capital Improvement Plan and will total nearly $3.9 million.

The goods news for Abbeville is that the city has to match only a small portion. The city’s match will be $217,610. The majority of the projects will be covered through grants from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Improvement Program.

“It’s an outstanding value for the citizens of Abbeville,” Councilman Brady Broussard Jr. said. “To get more than $3.8 million of improvements for $217,000 is quite impressive.

“We will take that anytime.” Mayor Mark Piazza said this is part of a larger effort from the federal government. “The federal government has really emphasized the need for infrastructure improvements,” Piazza said. “Airports are a big part of that. A lot of airports around the country are getting upgrades. “This will be a big improvement for our airport.” Piazza pointed out that the discussed upgrades don’t factor in what is happening right now.

“These are all projected for 2020 and on,” Piazza said. “That’s not even talking about the two projects that are currently underway. That is the brand-new airport terminal and the rehab of the main hanger. That’s another million-and-a-half that’s being spent on improvements.

Originally published in the Abbeville Meridional, October 10th, 2019