By Shaun Hearen

Many people believe there is strength in numbers. When those numbers are referring to tax dollars, a strong relationship between government entities is a great thing for people those entities represent. Abbeville citizens have benefited from such cooperation, as the City Council has worked with the Vermilion Parish Police Jury on numerous projects. One current project can be seen by those traveling on State Street.

Police Juror Wayne Touchet, Police Juror Pervis Gaspard, Councilman Brady Broussard Jr. and Police Juror Paul Bourgeois Jr. (L-R) at the location of the new sidewalk.

Five-hundred feet of sidewalk is being constructed on State Street from Martin Luther King Drive northward to connect to the existing sidewalk. Glen Lege Construction is handling the project.

“For a project that began as a vision by local resident Elizabeth Edwards in 2018,” Councilman Brady Broussard Jr. said,” “it’s particularly exciting to now see that completion will be soon. Allowing children and adults to walk safely on sidewalks is a better option than on the edge of S. State Street to access the multiple businesses on that street.”

As for covering the cost of the $41,000 for the work, that is where the city and police Jury worked together. An intergovernmental agreement will have the city pay $21,000, with police jury putting up $20,000. The agreement also allowed the city to focus on work at City Court.

Broussard thanked Police Jurors Wayne Touchet, Ron Darby, Paul Bourgeois Pervis Gaspard and Kevin Sagrera for partnering on this effort, one that had the endorsement of Mayor Mark Piazza and the City Council.

“The participation of these jurors on this $41,000 sidewalk contract is deeply appreciated,” Broussard said, “as it allowed the city to focus resources to address water damage repairs to the city court building which were completed by Contractor Brian Marceaux.”

Broussard said this a perfect example of how government should work to the best possible work for constituents.

Crews from Glen Lege Construction make the sidewalk along South State Street in Abbeville.

“The Intergovernmental agreement between City of Abbeville and Vermilion Police Jury for this sidewalk project demonstrates the great working relationships we have in place now,” Broussard said. “Citizens and taxpayers are the winners under that scenario with good old fashioned better bang for the buck.

“It’s also important to show appreciation to the property owners in that area of S. State Street who provided the city with easements to create this new sidewalk.”

Originally published in the Abbeville Meridional, October 13th, 2019