Economic business leaders in Vermilion Parish are walking door to door talking to owners about what they need to remain a viable part of the business community.

Today, volunteers and city leaders hit the streets of Erath. Rachel Hoffpauir, a business owner, said, “As I am a nurse and mother at heart, opening up and owning a small gift boutique has always been a dream of mine.”

Hoffpauir opened Rae of Sunshine two weeks ago. She says Erath is where she grew up, and it was her choice to open her business here. “I have never left, and I don’t plan to.”

It’s that reason the Vermilion Economic Development Alliance is working to keep businesses, like Rae of Sunshine, in the community and thriving.

Anne Falgout, Executive Director of Vermilion Economic Development Alliance, said, “Erath is a great, tight-knit community with lots of locally owned businesses, and we want to see that grow, and we want to see that grow in the right way.”

Falgout says the goal of the parish wide program varies depending on the business’s needs like marketing, promotion, and making sure business owners understand their work is helping to carry the economy.

And even a business as small as Rae of Sunshine can help out the entire town. Hoffpauir said, “It gets people from the surrounding towns and areas to come out and visit Erath and what Erath has to offer, such as newly opened small businesses.’