Relocation Assistance

Why Vermilion?

Businesses commonly cite the same main reasons for relocating.

The ability to secure a skilled workforce, tap into new markets, upgrade facilities and/or equipment, lower costs and increase quality of life more often than not are a company’s deciding factors.

In response to that understanding, we have assembled information in each of these areas to demonstrate why Vermilion may be the right place for your business.

Secure a skilled workforce

Using data from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, we can customize an analysis of your potential workforce. We match your proposed positions against our listing of job titles to give you a count of potential employees. We can also assess transferable skills in related industries and give you an idea how you can work with local education providers to create a pipeline of skilled workers to suit your needs.

Tap Into New Markets

We have a dynamic demography tool that allows us to customize a search based on location, socioeconomic factors and a variety of other parameters. For B2B-oriented companies, we will create a listing of potential clients based on your criteria – sales, employee size, industry, location and many, many more! Our Facts & Figures page has a demographic report and business listing available for download.

Upgrade Facilities/Equipment

A change of scenery is good for the soul and often good for business. However, finding an optimal location is not always easy. Our team is happy to assist in locating the right commercial property to suit your needs. Whether you need an existing building, raw land or a build-to-suit facility, we are happy to assist. We will team up with our regional partners to look for development-ready properties and petition commercial agents for opportunities that may be harder to locate on your own. Visit our sites and buildings database or contact us directly for assistance.

Lower Costs

Whether it’s lower cost of labor, construction or just overall cost of doing business that is your chief concern, Vermilion Parish may be the right fit. We can compare the wages here versus where your business is currently located, and evaluate the difference in fees and permitting prices. Business taxes and license costs can also be evaluated based on your request. We will show you how your bottom line can improve by doing business in Vermilion.

Quality of Life

Every community talks about their quality of life, but not every community has the world talking about it. Here in Vermilion Parish we enjoy national attention for several of our amenities. Whether you are interested in a quality public school system, family-friendly festivals, mouth-watering food, an abundance of outdoor activities or low-cost housing we can accommodate your wishes in one of our cities or towns. Travelers and new residents come from all over the world to experience our culture, natural beauty and hospitality.