The City of Abbeville is now involved with the Louisiana Development Ready Community Program

Abbeville Mayor Mark Piazza is retiring after 20 years. He realizes work still needs to be done, and the Louisiana Development Ready Community Program is part of his legacy planning. 

“We took a good hard look at the problems we have in our communities. What do businesses look for when they come into a community? What are the red flags and identifying our red flags and how we are addressing them,” said Councilwoman Roslyn White, co-chair of Louisiana Development Ready Community Program. These are just some of the questions the board hopes to address. 

“The rice mill which is just outside our door closed last year, so we in Abbeville really need to diversify our economy, and in order to do that, we need to make our community more attractive for outside investments, and that’s with this plan, we hope to accomplish,” said Councilwoman Roslyn White. 

The program has been in place for over a decade. Abbeville is the 49th city to receive the community certification. 

“Louisiana Economic Development offers this program to communities around the state, and not all of them take advantage of that program because it does require you to be vulnerable and talk to your community about what they want,” said Anne Falgout, executive director, Vermilion Economic Development Alliance. 

Falgout says the program is a three-year strategic plan to increase economic growth. “This is a plan for them. This is about keeping our residence here,” said Falgout. “Keeping them happy and giving them opportunities to bring new jobs, new businesses into the area while supporting what’s already here.” 

You can view the plan at

Originally published by KLFY, 2/18/22