Vermilion Parish heads back to the books, with a lot in store for the school year. Faculty and staff united with the community to help prepare for the new year, in which, Superintendent Jerome Puyau says it begins with the end in mind.

“We’ve worked really hard as a community supporting our schools, which in term, supports our community, Its’ one united effort. We’re committed, united and resilient. What we have done is created the support system that came and beautified our schools,” he said. “We know what happens in the classroom is top-notch. We have a great curriculum. We have great instruction. But our facilities started to look a little dreary. So we asked the community to come in. We empowered them. We asked them to come out and they drove,” he added.

North Vermilion High School of Vermilion Parish is the home of State Principal of the Year Tommy Byler. Byler’s involvement in the education department is over 26 years and he is approaching four years at North Vermilion High School. As principal, the school has remained an A-rated school and performance scores increased about 26 points within the past three years.

, KLFY, Originally published August 11, 2017