There are innumerable reasons to shop local. We’ve all heard the statistics about dollars turning over in your own community versus elsewhere and how beneficial it is. So, why don’t we do it? I think the answer is two-fold. Some people have an unfounded idea that buying local means you’ll miss out on selection, and others have a hard time believing that their one purchase outside of the community can really make an impact. We think about these things too, and have been working on a way to address those issues and inspire Vermilion Parish residents to keep their spending close to home.

The result is a new program: Keep It local, Vermilion. So, what does that look like? Well, you can not only enjoy the products and services made available by our local businesses, but you can also engage and experience locally, too. Let’s look at the big picture:


Engagement is critical to accomplishing the kind of tight-knit community that sustains small businesses and has a high quality of life. Being aware of where and how to engage on local civic issues, run for office, or simply stay informed is key. Our program will provide access to information and resources that can make you a better citizen. Have you ever been to a school board meeting? Do you know how to open a business in the parish? Are you up to speed on the latest tax millage or political race? We will tackle topics like this and much more.


Ask any disgruntled teenager what there is to do in Vermilion, and you’ll probably get the same answer, “NOTHING!” But, that’s simply not the case. Whether you like the water, or land, museums or live music, there’s always something to do. This portion of the program will highlight events and venues that make Vermilion unique and clue you into how you can experience them, too. The idea here is to get all residents – young, old, lifers and transplants – to know what is happening and get them to participate. Did you know there’s a splashpad at Palmetto Island State Park open all summer long? Or that you can watch the latest tricks at Abbeville’s own skatepark? When’s the last time you dropped a line to catch your own crabs and scooped up some wild onions and blackberries out in Pecan Island? We’ll remind you of all the things you love about Vermilion and invite you to join in on the fun.


First things first, we want to focus on more than just “shopping.” Traditional “buy local” programs revolve around retailers. True, retail is important, but so are services! Branching out to include all types of local business is of utmost importance to us. Whether you’re buying a new refrigerator, or having it serviced, it’s important to look locally, first. We’ll highlight local businesses that offer unique products and services, and some you may not have even heard about. It’s amazing what you can enjoy in Vermilion! You can get an amazing massage, rent a tuxedo, snag a new pool float, furnish your home, get a karate lesson, find one-of-a-kind art, have tasty sushi, get a custom-made piece of jewelry, and much, much more! We are always amazed by our local businesses and want to introduce you to as many as possible.

Opportunities to Participate

Print Advertising

Reduced-cost ad placement in Sunday edition of the Abbeville Meridional with ad design assistance.

1/4 page ad – $225

$300 value

Radio Advertising

Commercial production and reduced-cost ad on these radio stations: FM96.5 KPEL, ESPN AM1420, FM 93.7 DAWG.

Select 1 station and 1 month* – $250
3 months or more – $225/month

*1 month = 1 full week of radio spots

“Ally” Recognition

Name and information linked to your place of preference online & via our newsletter.

FREE upon registration

Business Spotlights

In-depth interviews, talking-head videos, and human interest stories produced by professional staff.

Download the Business Spotlight form or fill it out online here

FREE upon registration*

*Preference given to advertisers

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