In addition to the Initiatives we’ve been a part of, the Services we have brought to Vermilion and News shared on this website, we have been a part of a transformative movement for our parish. This has yielded many activities that we’ve outlined in the documents below. If you have questions about the data contained in these reports, please contact¬†Anne Falgout.

Economic Development: By the Numbers – October 2016
Data represented here measures efforts from November 2014 through October 2016.

Economic Development, Stakeholder Report, November 2017
Why Do We Need Economic Development + How Far Have We Come?

Economic Development Stakeholder Report, March 2018
Data represented provides a year in review for 2017 and case studies.

Economic Development in Vermilion 2018
A quick look at why economic development is important for Vermilion and how we’re affecting it.

Monthly updates (totals through previous month):

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